Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Website Symbols Using ALT Key

When creating a website, you may want some special characters that you cannot create from the normal keypad.  Did you know you can create special characters using your ALT Key.  Here are a few examples and these are created using a PC.  ALT Key symbols could differ if using a Mac.

All of the following characters were created by holding down the ALT key and typing the number out on your calculator keypad.  Dont use the numbers at the top, use the ones set up like the adding machine to the right of your keypad.  Remember to hold the ALT key down while typing these #s.

ALT (205) ═
ALT (206) ╬
ALT (207) ╧
ALT (208) ╨
ALT (209) ╤
ALT (223) ▀

ALT (224) α (alpha)
ALT (225) ß (beta)
ALT (226) Γ

You can make mathmatical symbols using the ALT key and number keypad:
ALT (242) ≥
ALT (243) ≤
ALT (246) ÷
ALT (247) ≈
ALT (248) °
ALT (249) ∙
ALT (251) √
ALT (253) ²

You can make different characters and symbols using ALT key and number keypad:
ALT (257) ☺
ALT (258) ☻
ALT (259) ♥
ALT (260) ♦
ALT (261) ♣
ALT (262) ♠
ALT (263) •
ALT (264) ◘
ALT (265) ○
ALT (266) ◙

Sex Sybols using ALT key and number keypad:
ALT (267) ♂
ALT (268) ♀

Music Notes using ALT key and number keypad:
ALT (269) ♪
ALT (270) ♫

You can make an array of symbols including arrows using ALT key and number keypad
ALT (271) ☼
ALT 272) ►
ALT (273) ◄
ALT (274) ↕
ALT (275) ‼
ALT (276) ¶
ALT (277) §
ALT (278) ▬
ALT (279) ↨
ALT (280) ↑
ALT (281) ↓
ALT (282) →
ALT (283) ←
ALT (286) ▲
ALT (287) ▼

ALT (350) ^
ALT (383) ⌂
ALT (390) å
ALT (414) ₧
ALT (415) ƒ
ALT (416) á
ALT (427) ½
ALT (428) ¼
ALT (431) »
ALT (432) ░
ALT (433) ▒
ALT (434) ▓
ALT (475) █

ALT (4586) Ω
ALT (4580) Σ
ALT (5864) Φ

As you can see there are hundreds and even thousands of characters and symbols you can make using the ALT key on your computer keypad.  You can experiment around and see what you can make from the ALT key and numbers, just hold the ALT key down and type in some numbers.  Let me know if you come up with some cool Symbols because I know I have not seen them all.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Search Engine Optimization Tips; SEO Tips

There has been many updates by Google that affects ranking, so how do you work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) after Google Panda updates.

If your site SEO was affected, you were most likely engaged in negative practices. Incoming Links do not calculate the same as they used to calculate, but do not think they are any less popular or affective in SEO.

Incoming Links and Links inside your site are still popular, but do not concentrate so much on how to manipulate Search Engines. Write unique content and provide informative posts and link to information that is important to readers. It is all about content that is beneficial to readers and it has to be Unique.

So many websites try to get hundreds of inbound links to their site in the hope it will put them on the first page of Google. You have to build links over time from sites that find your information informative. Random links mean nothing. It has to be links from sites that are providing additional information to their readers.

So, for site SEO, write unique content and provide linked content for your readers. You will build links over time and this is the best way to provide SEO for your site. Unique content over a period of time! Do not try writing for search engines if you care about SEO. Write for readers and search engines will follow, trust me!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogger Traffic Stats Hacked

Has anyone else noticed the Blogger Traffic Stats being hacked to show referrals from several different countries like Russia and the Ukraine?  It may be Apartment Ratings or something weird that is in no way related to your content.  It seems as though the hack links to blogger stats as a referral like someone visited your blog from this site.  DO NOT CLICK ON THESE LINKS!!!

These scams or Traffic Hacks are meant to create a click from your traffic stats to see where the traffic is coming from.  If you click on these links, they win.  Not only are they manifested to draw clicks, but some will have malicious code connected so that your computer may crash.

This is a problem that Google will have to address in the Blogger platform.  You can write a follow and list the links that are in question, but they will probably keep popping up.  I am sure Google is aware of the issue and is resolving now, but until then, Do Not click these links.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Can I Make Money Blogging?

Can I Make Money Blogging is like asking, Do you think I can get a raise at work?  Well, that totally depends on you, the Blogger.

There are many different ways to make money Blogging, but you must first build readership.  How do you build readership?  You must write, write, and write some more.  The more "Unique" content that you have, the better.  You can get ideas or areas to write about, but you ultimately have to write yourself.  You need Tons of Unique content.

To make money Blogging, you have to give readers a reason to come read what you have to say.  Why are you reading this?  Because you want to make money online!  I do know how and will walk you through it all, but you must First, Write content.  If you are just now starting, you need to write for at least a month on a daily basis before you think of ways to monetize a Blog.  This is just a starting point because it will take months of writing, if not years.

Do not get discouraged, because there are other reasons to write.  It gets your mind off the everyday mundane and gives your brain exercise.  Write because you like to write, not because you want to get rich.  You never know when it may lead to more.  Have patience, write, and check out these other areas that may help you get started.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

LinkWorth; Make Money Online

LinkWorth is a great site for Blogs or Websites to Make Money Online.  LinkWorth offers several ways to Make Money From your Site.

LinkWorth is a site that pulls all the great methods of Making Money together into one easy to use dashboard.  It is a little more complex than some because there are so many options to making money from their site.

LinkWorth allows you to sell Ad Space on their site, Sell rotating Ads, Sell text link ads, sell sponsored posts, just to name a few.  There is a multitude of options when it comes to making money on your site and using LinkWorth.

I found the site many years ago from a recommendation from another blogger and have been able to make a few extra bucks just offering link post and selling advertising on my Blog.  This is the easiest way to make money from a blog, sell ad space.  You just have to keep readership up where the advertiser has a good position to be seen.  The best way to keep readership up is to keep writing and keep sharing your ideas.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Affiliate Marketing Network; Commission Junction

Commission Jumction, in my opinion, is one of the best places to check out for all your Affiliate Marketing links. has a wide range of advertisers in one spot and is very easy to use.

I will also tell you, DO NOT use Commission Junction or any other affiliate networks with Blogger Blogs. I found this out the hard way. I had a 6 year old Blog that was up to 4 figures in Affiliate income when Blogger shut it down for using Affiliate Links and there was nothing I could do to reverse their actions.

If you are operating a website or have a Wordpress blog with your own hosting, check out You have to apply to the advertisers program and be approved so you need to build up some traffic before applying. Once approved by an advertiser, you can select different ad units that they offer. The usually have banner ads and text link ads. I always did better with the text link ads because in your articles, you can place a text ad that fits well and adds value for the reader.

There are many Affiliate Networks to choose from, but commission junction has good tracking and you can see how many clicked on the ad as well as how many times your ad was seen by readers. You can adjust your use of ads by how they perform. Oh, the most important part, payment was always right on time. Payment is similar to Adsense payments where once the threshold is achieved, your payment is processed.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sell Ad Space On Blog; Make Money Online

Selling Ad Space on your Blog is probably one of the best ways to make money online. The first thing you must have is traffic, and this is a must to make money from any program.

  LinkWorth is a great place to sell Ad space on your Blog or Website. You can put the amount you want to charge for your Ad and LinkWorth will take a portion of your ad revenue. On a Car Blog, I was selling Ad space to well known Insurance companies and making very good money from those Ads. You can also sell Ad space yourself once you are gaining quality traffic. This way you get to keep 100% of the revenue.

Selling Ad Space on your Blog can be very profitable, but make sure the Ad is a good fit for your reader.  Dont sell out to just any advertiser that is looking for quick links.  I have turned down many advertisers because it was in a niche that was nowhere close to what my Blog was about.  Determine what a fair price is for a link and when someone asks, tell them what the price is and for what length of time the ad will run.  I always liked to set a monthly price and then give a 6 month term that would save the advertiser some money if they payed up front and thats what many did.

The first and foremost order of business is to get quality traffic to your Blog.  Once you are getting traffic, everything else will fall into place.

Learn how to get your Blog on the First Page of Google to gain valuable free traffic.

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