Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reciprocal Links; Good Or Bad?

Reciprocal Linking is this weeks continued series on Links uses online. Reciprocal Linking is when you Link to my Blog and I Link to yours. It is pretty straightforward in how it works, but there are different strategies.

 First let me say, Google used to look at these links and put great weight on them, especially if your incoming link was from a higher PR (PageRank) site. Now, these Links may be losing value. There are even some Link Farmers that will ask for a link from this Blog and they will Link from a totally different site so as to fool the search engine that it was not a Reciprocal Link.

Reciprocal Links could actually hurt your rankings. Does this mean, Google does not want you to have any incoming Links? No, Google wants Links to be more free flow and mean something and give value to the reader. If you keep the reader in mind ALL the time, you will do great. Outgoing Links to other Blogs or Websites that provide value may actually help your rankings. Link to provide value, but don't ask for a Reciprocal Link. You will get linked if you provide useful information.

Learn the In's and Out's of Links to make more Money Online.

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