Sunday, June 24, 2012

LINKS and LINKING HTML Codes And How To's

If you want to Make Money Online with your Blog or Website you have to be familiar with HTML Codes for Links and Linking Strategies. There are many types of Links that you will use and they are key to your Online presence. Linking is an effective way of getting from one page to the next, but Links are used in many different ways. You will need to know how to Link to use Affiliate Links, Links for categories, even Links to send the reader to the information they are looking for. Let's face it, the Internet is an intertwined ball of Links. Each Link is described in more detail if you, guess what? Click the Link, you are correct! This is a quick rundown of some of the Links you will use Online, but if you need a more detailed view and description follow the Link.

 Anchor Text-inside the Link, is the portion of the word that you see highlighted or the portion you can click on. This is an important part of any Link and deserved a page all it's own.

 Incoming Link, is a Link coming into your Blog or Website.

 Outgoing Link, is a Link that goes out to another Blog or Website address.

 HTML Link Code is the address typed into your Blog or site that properly displays the Link.

 Reciprocal Links are, you link to my Blog and I will link to yours.

 One Way Links are just what they sound like, but read how to get more one way Links.

Affiliate Links are the codes that companies give you to link to their product or service, increase your Affiliate Income by checking out the article Affiliate Links; How to Capitalize.

Internal Links are Links that link to other pages within your own site.

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