Sunday, June 24, 2012

HyperText Link; The Basics

HyperText Link is the basic starting point when talking about any Links or Linking Strategy. Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML for short is the basic Language in writing websites and is the basic code used to write Links.

 Blogger now makes it easy to make a Link, highlight the words you want to Link, click on the tab that says Link and type in the browser page address you want the link pointing to. I think it is good to know how to write this link yourself, unfortunately, I cannot show it to you because Blogger renders it as a page and will not allow for the use of XMP tags to show as an example. So, here is a great page that shows examples of all the page codes.

Check out all the different Links you can use to make more money at Link and Linking HTML Codes and How To's.

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