Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anchor Text; What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor Text is the words that you see highlighted that can be clicked to go to another page, just like this-----Anchor Text.  If you click on the word, it is linked back to this article so you will just come back to this page, but most Anchor Text is used to send you to relevant results that you are searching for either within the same site or anywhere on the web.

Anchor Text is a valuable way to keep visitors on your Blog longer by leading the reader to different areas of interest.  Google has always valued Anchor Text in their Algorithms to determine page importance.  For instance, if I have 20 people link to this page about Anchor Text, it stands a better chance of coming up in Google Searches for the term Anchor Text.  I could link the phrase every time I mention it back to this page, but I see that as overkill and I think Google Algorithms would ignore it after the first link, just my thoughts.  I do think it is VERY important to have Internal Blog Links within your Blog though.

Google, as of April 2012 has devalued some Anchor Text links with their Algorithm changes.  It hurt many Websites as they have tons of incoming links that have been built over the years as that has always been a Search Engine Optimization must.  My thoughts, which may not always be right, are that Google was trying to devalue all the Affiliate Links.  You think about it, some companies have millions of incoming links to their site that are Affiliates linking to them.  The Affiliate site will definitely rank at the top with all these links incoming, but it may not be the best resource for readers.  So, my suggestion, keep writing and linking to what you feel is a value to your reader and everything else will fall into place.

Links can be used in Many different ways and some will be a MUST to making more Money Online.  You can find them all at Links and Linking; HTML Code and How To's.

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