Saturday, June 23, 2012

Internal Blog Links; You Have To Love Your Blog

Internal Blog Links, You have to Love your Blog before you can Love other Blogs!  Catchy title, but oh how true.  Internal Blog Links are links within your own pages that give the reader options to continue reading onto another subject.  When you link to another page inside your own Blog, make sure the Anchor Text gives the reader a clear picture of what that page will be about.  If the reader is not confused,  the Search Engines stand a better chance of not being confused as well.

Internal Links allows the reader to follow along like a book, you just have to point to the next page.  One of the best examples online that I have found is Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.  He has what you call a sticky page.  Every time I visit his page, I am there for hours being drawn further into his archives.

Internal Blog Links will actually give you new ideas on what to write about.  If you ever have writers block, go read your Blog and ask yourself, What other information would I want from this point?  Write about where this takes you and then go back and put an Internal Link to where to go.  This is a story, a Love Story at that.  You have to Love your Blog and then Link to it.

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