Sunday, July 01, 2012

Google Adsense Inside Blogger Post

Google Adsense is a proven Ad Network that allows Blogger Blogs to Monetize their pages. This is going to be an in depth tutorial on how to place Google Adsense inside of your Blogger individual posts and how to stay within Google Adsense TOS or Terms Of Service.

 Google Adsense is one of the easiest and first models to Make Money Online in the building stages of your Blog. Later on we will discuss more advanced ways to monetize your Blog, but for now let's concentrate on Adsense. I am going to assume that everyone is familiar enough with Blogger to be able to add Adsense to sidebars, after posts, above titles and everywhere Blogger has allowed you to manually add them. We are going to focus specifically on puting Adsense inside of Blogger Post and below the post title.

 Before we begin, Please Backup Your Blog!

The first step in adding Google Adsense inside your Blog post is to go to your Adsense account and configure the ad that you want to place inside your Blogger Post.  The best unit is the 250 by 250 square or the small rectangle ad.  Make sure you get the background color of your Blog and use this color for your background color, this will help it blend in much better.  Copy your Code and then proceed to the next step which is a VERY important one.

The next step in adding adsense inside your Blogger post is to Parse the code.  This is a VERY important step as Blogger will not recognize the raw Adsense Code until it is parsed.  You can search online for 'Parse Adsense Code' and you should be able to find this relatively easily and you can find it as a free service.  Copy your Adsense code into the box and click Parse--this will be the code you want to copy to add to Blogger.

 After you have your Parsed Code, go to Blogger and click 'Template', make sure if you have multiple Blogs that you are under the one you want to change. Now click on 'edit HTML' and you will get a message making sure you want to proceed. Proceed and check the box at the top that says 'expand widget template'. Now you want to locate the following code in your Blog. You can hit Cntl F to search for the code below. Type the code below in the search box that pops up. Now, the code below should be highlighted inside your HTML.  There is tons of code here so make sure you don't accidentally change anything as it could cause your Blog not to display properly.  This is why we backed up our Blog before we began.

The next step is to copy your Parsed Adsense Code directly above this line of Code.  DO NOT change anything, just add your code above this body code above.

Now, we are still not through.  We need to tell the code to float left or right so your text will wrap around it.  Below you will see the float tag with the closing div tag after your adsense code.  If you prefer for your adsense to float to the right of the text, change left to right.

 Now after you have entered this code, we have to make sure we are biding by Google TOS by adding the following. You may want to call it 'advertisement' or 'sponsor links' or something to let the reader know this is an advertisement and not a link within your Blog. The only reason I like to use this is because it is directly below your title and can confuse a reader if you did not put this message. This is to protect your Adsense partnership which you want to keep in good standing.  So, add the words you want the reader to see like the figure above where I used Sponsored Links.  Make sure to put the p in brackets after and close at the bottom with the closing tag.

So, basically we copied our Adsense Code from Adsense after we Parsed it and then we added the code that is in red above.

 Now, remember this as well. You don't want to put any images in the top part of your post as that could cause confusion as well. If you want to add any pictures, add them in the middle of your post as opposed to the top. The only drawback of showing ads in the top of your Blogger Post is when you are viewing the homepage or an archive page or anywhere there are more than 3 posts showing. Google Adsense will only show 3 ad units on a page and will leave blank space if there are more than 3 posts showing. Most readers will arrive through search engines and will be viewing a single page, in this case, Adsense will show up fine. Showing Google Adsense inside of Blog Posts is the most profitable spot on your page and Google should match the ad showing more relevant to what your post is written about.

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