Thursday, July 05, 2012

How To Start And Build Your BLOG

Starting and Building a Blog takes a lot of time and patience, but can be very rewarding.  If you are ready to Start your Blog, I will give you step by step instructions on starting, building, and maintaining your Blog.

The first step in Starting a Blog is to make sure you are ready for the commitment, because it takes time to build and maintain.  You need to be committed to spending at least an hour a day to Building Your Blog.  If you are not ready to commit at least an hour a day, I would suggest that you do not even start.  The reason I say a minimum of an hour a day is because you will have to write posts on a regular basis and it takes time to write quality posts.  You have to work on the Layout of your Blog and this takes time.  You have to promote your Blog if you want it to be successful, and this takes a LOT of time.  If you just want to Blog for fun, you can get by with minimal time efforts, but I am going to show you how to make Money with your Blog.

If you are still reading, I know you are committed to Starting Your Blog.  The next step, after you have committed to starting your blog is to decide on your topic and name.  This is a process that takes much time and consideration.  First off, what are your interests or are you very knowledgeable about a specific subject?  This is going to be a subject that you are going to spend time with, so pick wisely.  Do you love dogs and want to Blog about different breeds of dogs?  Are you a beautician and want to Blog about hairstyles, cuts, and colors?  The subject matter of your Blog is very important because it all starts here.  Niche Blogging is the most profitable, so the more specific and narrow your subject, the better.  A Blog about cars may be harder to work with than a Blog about Corvettes or a specific type of car.  This will help you later on when I show you how to reach advertisers because Niche subjects are desirable and will also help you rank better on specific keywords which we will go over later as well.

Now we are ready to start building your Blog.  You should now have a subject, it is time to come up with your Blog Address that will point to your pages.  If you are new to Blogging, I suggest because in my opinion is the easiest to work with.  You will go to and create your account.  When it asks for Blog name, come up with a name similar to what your subject matter is about.  For instance, if your subject is Dog Training, make it the Dog Training Blog.  You can get fancy if you prefer, but it is better to keep it simple.  For the blogger address, you can type some words in to see if the blogger address is available.  Try to have your address terms similar to your theme if available.  dogtraining....or some derivative of the term.  It will be hard to find some terms as there are so many already taken, but your address should be on target with your subject and it will be  This is a free service so you will not have a .com name unless you were to purchase one to use with your Blog.  You can purchase a name and use your own hosting, but for simplicity sake for starting your blog, stick with Google's Blogger Ext. of

When First Starting Your Blog, after you have picked a Blog Title, Blog Address, you need to pick a Blogger Template to use with your Blog.  This is not a super important step as you can change the Template after you have started.  My advice is to click on one of the first  templates you see to continue because we have to see what our needs are before we can truely pick a template that is going to work for us.  After you pick a Template, you will be taken to the Blogger Dashboard.  At this point, I will tell you to click on the little pencil at the top that says new post.  It is best to go ahead and write a couple of posts before you try changing anything.  When writing your post, put a title for the post that is informative and could be terms that someone would search for in Google to get to your page.  Like the title to this page, How To Start And Build Your Blog.  Now, start writing about your subject and stay on focus, make it as narrow as possible.  Once you have written your post, click on "publish" at the top.  You have now Started Your Blog!  Here is the key, come back everyday and write another post and publish.  Do not try and change anything with your blog at this point, just get some posts up and going.  Write for at least 30 days before you even worry about making changes to your Blog.

This is going to be a continued series on Starting Your Blog and Building it over time.  If you just started your Blog, write for 30 days before we go to the next step of the Blogging process.  Bookmark this page and come back as I will take you to the next step later as I am writing.  If you have at least 30 posts and want me to take a look at them, leave me a comment and I will give you my opinion on your Blog or give you advice.

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