Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogger Traffic Stats Hacked

Has anyone else noticed the Blogger Traffic Stats being hacked to show referrals from several different countries like Russia and the Ukraine?  It may be Apartment Ratings or something weird that is in no way related to your content.  It seems as though the hack links to blogger stats as a referral like someone visited your blog from this site.  DO NOT CLICK ON THESE LINKS!!!

These scams or Traffic Hacks are meant to create a click from your traffic stats to see where the traffic is coming from.  If you click on these links, they win.  Not only are they manifested to draw clicks, but some will have malicious code connected so that your computer may crash.

This is a problem that Google will have to address in the Blogger platform.  You can write a follow and list the links that are in question, but they will probably keep popping up.  I am sure Google is aware of the issue and is resolving now, but until then, Do Not click these links.

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