Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Content Is King To Income!

Content is the key to making Money Online and if Content is king, Original Content is the King of all Kings! Think about it, there are millions of new articles online daily and there are many that are duplicate content. First, you have to use your own words and second, you have to be different. When I say different, I mean your Content has to be different. Making Money Online is easy, creating Original Content that makes you money is the hard part. Even when you look at those that have made money on Video with YouTube. It is always original content that catches someone's eye and it gets shared and spreads. This is the way to make money online. Think of it as a virus. When I say virus, I mean like the flu, not computer virus. The quicker and more widespread your viral reach is, the more money you will make online! Good luck.

Google Adsense and Google PageRank

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