Monday, August 14, 2006

Blog Carnival Link SEO

One of the quickest ways to get noticed by search engines is getting relevant links to your site. The best way to get quality links is to submit your articles to Blog Carnival. This is a site that lists blogs about specific areas of interest. When you submit your article to that specific interest, the site owner will give you a link along with many others that have submitted. They group all the listings together in a very professional way and promote that listing. You have a link involved so you also want to promote their site. This helps everyone involved. How they say, a win, win, solution. Write an interesting article, submit to the carnival that is about your topic, watch your links build. When you get an email that your entry has been added to the carnival, go check it out, blog about it, share it with friends, etc. The more attention you bring to the listing, the more it helps you. This gets you links which in turn will help you with Search Engines as well as links that browsers can follow to your site. Remember, more traffic means more money!
Check out Swiecki's Tech Blog.


Swiecki said...

How about suggesting some carnivals? lol.

Diana said...

Thanks for submitting to the Carnival of Family Life #15!

Jami Leigh said...

Curious as to how many carnivals you submitted this to? :)

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Anonymous said...

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